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i t s a c h a n c e ; g o n n a m o v e ; g o n n a f u c k u p y o u r e g o [entries|friends|calendar]
miss black eyeliner

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new journal [09|11|05 @ 01 PM]
[ mood | allergies ]

I think this journal has outlived itself.
new journal: fashionfuckk

add me &i'll add you.
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friends only [08|24|04 @ 11 AM]
[ mood | sleepy ]

friends only biatch

Leave me a comment if you want to be added.

If I add you back, that means you're pretty cool.
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i stole this from katie who stole this from sarah [08|24|04 @ 10 AM]
[ mood | sleepy ]

post anything that you want &post it anonymously. anything.

a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love.. anything. say what you think of me if you'd like.

be sure to post anonymously &honestly. post twice if you'd like.

then, put this in your journal to see what your friends (&perhaps others who you don't even realize read your journal), have to say.

Mmm... SOUP!Collapse )
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